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AEROPIK | About us

Our company Part Trading Ltd. - for 12 years a leader in the sale of parts for air suspension of cars, is behind the name of our brand AEROPIK. Our mission is to satisfy the desires of our customers around the world - we are based in Bulgaria, but we have warehouses in countries such as Italy, Spain, Romania, Greece, France, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia. Our team of selected professionals in the field of air suspension - mechanics, customer service operators, suppliers, logistics and web specialists, work tirelessly with care and attention to everyone - this is the reason for the complete satisfaction of our thousands of customers over the years.



Our products

AEROPIK offers a wide range of new high quality air suspension parts for your car. In our online catalog you can find air springs, shock absorbers, compressors, as well as valves, o-rings, valve blocks, relays, springs, pads and various mounting kits at competitive prices.

We are the official distributor of original parts from established brands such as: AMK, Wabco, Arnott, Britpart, Continental, Dunlop, Contitech, Goodyear and many others. Our work with new parts with original design, passed hundreds of quality tests and created by proven manufacturers, gives us the confidence to offer 2 years full warranty for each of our products.

In our catalog you will find a huge variety of models of world-renowned brands of cars with air suspension. Our products are manufactured under license, have excellent quality and a guaranteed 30-day return period upon receipt of the shipment. On our site you can find parts for German, Japanese, American and European car brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Land and Range Rover, Lincoln, Lexus, Porsche, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Hummer, Citroen, Toyota, Bentley, JEEP and others .

Our team

If you need help, our staff will be happy to advise you individually in choosing the right part for your car at the right price and delivery terms and will be happy to meet all your questions.

Our company has a team of multilingual specialists as a customer service department who can answer your questions in Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and other languages. You can contact us via email, phone or Live chat on our website, and we will offer you competent service and accurate advice in the field of everything related to air suspension.



Our services

We ship worldwide, even to remote areas. Our partnership with world-renowned transport and logistics companies over the years, helps us offer you fast and secure delivery to your door. In some areas we also offer the Express Delivery service - for more information, contact our customer service department.

For each shipment, we offer pre-payment and cash on delivery options. You pay for your shipment directly to the courier upon receipt and inspection. This method does not require a credit card or bank account or prepayment.

Your security

At AEROPIK, we strive to offer the latest, fastest and most modern mobile device services to make your user experience easier. Browse our website and place an order through your mobile device and enjoy additional discounts, promotions and the most affordable shopping opportunities.

To fully ensure your security and the protection of your personal data and information, as well as your transactions, we use SSL or Secure Sockets Layer - a cryptographic protocol for client-server connection used to transfer information to the Internet. Sites that use this protocol usually have the https prefix instead of the standard http in the address bar.

Why choose AEROPIK?

Huge selection of air suspension spare parts from established manufacturers such as: AMK, Wabco, Arnott, Britpart, Continental, Dunlop, Contitech, Goodyear and others

Extremely good warranty conditions 30 day return for product

Original and aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts with quality better than original spare parts

Many years of experience in air suspension systems for cars

Professional advice on problems and selection of spare parts

Possibility of payment by cash on delivery Low price of cash on delivery - only 1%

Our constant development in the direction of offering a wider range of parts for air suspension and expansion of supported car brands, allows us to offer alternatives for spare parts from different manufacturers with proven quality.

As a market leader in air suspension parts, AEROPIK paves the way for the future, thanks to revolutionary air control systems and suspension settings that will really allow you to drive smoothly. Thank you to our customers for their trust!


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