General warranty conditions

The warranty is valid for up to 24 (twenty four) months from the date of your purchase. The warranty is limited to manufacturing defects.

The manufacturer, as well as the trader, are not responsible for defects resulting from:

Installation errors;
Overload due to air leakage in the system;
Mechanical damage caused as a result of road accidents, malicious actions, etc., as well as mechanical damage and damage to the rubber parts of airbags;
Faults due to:
Failure to comply with service and warranty conditions;
Improper operation, improper maintenance and negligence on the part of the owner and / or user of the vehicle;
Unusual operation and overload of the car;
Driving on extremely bad roads with potholes and obstacles;
Participation of the car in competitions, rallies, etc.

The filing of a complaint is accompanied by a description of the problem, as well as photos of the damage and presentation of an official purchase document (warranty card, invoice or receipt) in the form of an email to: office@aeropik.bg.
The part is sent through the manufacturer's dealer, who authorizes the validity of the claim. If the manufacturer approves the claim, the dealer replaces the customer's part. The costs of returning the goods to us are at the expense of the customer.


We always send completely new and originally packaged goods. Please check the provided shipment in the presence of the courier. If something is wrong with the shipment, ask the courier to fill out a complaint report. Only with this protocol can we ask the courier company to compensate you for the damage they have caused. If the shipment is already seriously damaged, please refuse to receive the shipment.

If the package shows no signs of damage, but after unpacking you find damage to the product, you have 48 hours to report the damage to the courier service or directly to us. We do not accept this type of complaint after 48 hours.

Replaced parts and components during the warranty period do not extend the warranty itself.

The warranty does not cover the replacement of parts, systems and assemblies replaced during the warranty period.

The guarantee does not cover losses, lost profits and additional costs related to the time for repairing the damage (stay and / or loss of income and / or profit, penalties, deprivation of use, loss of rent, failure of travel and business trips, inability to transport of people, goods or materials, etc.).