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Audi Q8 4M > 2018 Air suspension parts | Air Suspension Audi Q8 4M> 2018 Expressive design, state-of-the-art technology and the art of meeting all expectations - the Audi Q8 combines all the qualities that the brand symbolizes with the four rings of the emblem. Its sporty appearance is reminiscent of the first quattro, while with its octagon-designed Singleframe front grille, it looks boldly into the future. The interior of this four-door SUV-Coupé has the character of an elite box: spacious, luxurious and maximally connected. The intelligent ergonomic concept and innovative navigation system transport us to a new digital era, including cutting-edge solutions such as MMI touch response and voice control. The chassis and drivetrain provide a reliable performance - if necessary and far beyond the paved roads.

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Producer : Arnott
Model :
Original part number : 4M0616005
  Upon request
788.38 €
Shipper : AEROPIK
Model :
Original part number : FITING6mm
  In Stock
9.92 €

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