Until recently, the car's air suspension replaced the popular leaf springs or classic springs. The stability of the car while driving is due to this type of shock absorbers, which rely on compressed air.

In place of the springs are air springs, which are pumped by an air suspension compressor that sucks the most ordinary air from the atmosphere, which passes through the dehumidifier and inflates the air springs to the required volume to level the car.

The air suspension gives a huge advantage to increase driving comfort and maintain optimum ground clearance without changes, allowing the car to move rhythmically, regardless of its load. When the car is heavy, its rear does not lie to the ground and the front does not rise high - here comes the role of air suspension, the compressor supplies the required amount of air to the cushions and the car is leveled again.
Car manufacturers set a number for each of their products. With this number you can easily find the product you are looking for. When the OEM number you are looking for is listed in the relevant product description, it means that it is compatible with your car. You can find the OEM number in the "Description" field with more product information.

Sometimes car manufacturers put more than one number on one product. If you can find the OEM number you are looking for in the product information, then the product is compatible with your car.
4MATIC is the marketing name for a four-wheel drive system developed by Mercedes-Benz. Quattro is a trademark used by Audi to demonstrate that four-wheel drive technology or systems (AWD) are used for specific Audi car models. While Audi always uses the term "quattro", Volkswagen cars use "4motion". Simply explained, the car is four-wheel drive, which allows to increase traction in slippery conditions.

In the C, E, S, CL and CLS-Class, Mercedes relies on a more compact and therefore lightweight system, directing power mainly to the rear wheels, and in the event of a loss of traction, the front tires are also driven. Mounted in cars with a transverse engine and MFA platform such as the A-Class 4MATIC mechanism works differently - mainly the drive is through the front tires, and the rear receives power only when needed.
AIRMATIC is a trademark of Mercedes-Benz for air suspension cars. Compared to conventional suspension, the AIRMATIC air suspension offers advantages in terms of safety and travel comfort. The AIRMATIC air suspension automatically adjusts the damping force of each wheel according to the current road condition.
In order to maximize the functionality and trouble-free operation of the compressor, it is mandatory to purchase and install a new relay together with it. Replacing your old relay with a new one is a must for excellent performance of your car on the road. The manufacturer has the right NOT to guarantee the part without purchasing a relay.
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