AEROPIK Air Spring Front right - VW Touareg II
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Original part number : 7P6 616 404

Original spare part numbers :

7P6 616 404 G
7P6 616 404 H
7P6 616 404 J

  • 12 Years of experience 12 Years of experience
  • New product New product
  • Original design Original design
  • 2 years warranty 2 years warranty
  • Proven quality Proven quality
  • Fast delivery up to 24 hours Fast delivery up to 24 hours
  • 30 days for product return 30 days for product return


The Air Spring Front right for VW Touareg II is a favorable choice for your budget, when you have air loss problems. Over time, the original Air Spring Front right VW Touareg II of the air suspension wears out the rubber and begins to lose air as a result, you notice that your car is more sloping or leaning to one side. The listed product is designed to solve problems with the air suspension of your VW Touareg II. Only new materials have been used in the manufacture of the Air Spring Front right VW Touareg II. The metal parts are designed according to the needs of parts for air suspension. Normally the original design is used for the replacement part. This is a new and reliable part and not a recycle or second hand one.

The Air Spring Front right VW Touareg II can be installed on:
VW Touareg II from 2010

Air Spring Front right VW Touareg II replaces the following parts in the air suspension with original serial numbers:

7P6616404G ; 7P6 616 404 G
7P6616404H ; 7P6 616 404 H
7P6616404J ; 7P6 616 404 J

No matter the model of the engine - diesel, gasoline, engine power etc. The air chamber installs without problems and works perfectly.

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