AEROPIK Coil Spring Conversion Kit Acura MDX YD2 (2007-2013)
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Original part number : C-3020

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Arnott's new coil spring conversion kit is exclusively designed for the 2007-2013 Acura MDX (YD2 Chassis). This kit converts the MDX dampers to a passive damper and coil spring combination. This kit includes front and rear custom-tuned, application-specific shock absorbers. The front struts are pre-assembled with steel coil springs for easy installation. This kit also comes with Arnott's patented (U.S. Pat. No. 9,329,917) Electronic Bypass Module (EBM) which eliminates any dashboard suspension warning messages.

Note: Fits Advance Package, Sports Package and models with active suspension dampers.


  • Arnott-designed shock absorbers
  • Passive dampers & coil springs
  • Engineered & assembled in the USA
  • Patented Electronic Bypass Module

Coil Spring Conversion Kit Acura MDX YD2 can be installed on the following types of cars:
2007-2013 Acura MDX (YD2 w/EDC, w/Advance & Sports Packages, w/Active Suspension Dampers)