Aftermarket replacement parts and why choose them

Aftermarket replacement parts and why choose them

What does the term "aftermarket" mean?

Aftermarket replacement parts are replacement parts manufactured by a company that is not the original manufacturer of your vehicle but has the same quality as the originals.

They are also known as:

Basic spare parts
They are not OEM parts
After-sales service
In addition to parts that are branded by the vehicle manufacturer (i.e. OEM parts), there are also those manufactured on the same production line as the original vehicle component (i.e. OES), as well as others manufactured by vehicle manufacturers. pieces of "like quality". Parts in these categories are often cheaper than identical parts that are branded by the vehicle manufacturer. "

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When are aftermarket spare parts used?

When it comes to repairing a car after a car accident, your insurance company has the option of using replacement parts instead of the original manufacturer (OEM) parts. Sometimes these parts are manufactured by the same manufacturer that made the original part.

Are aftermarket spare parts of lower quality?

Advantages and disadvantages of aftermarket and OEM parts.
Aftermarket parts have been a topic of debate for many years. Consumers are concerned that these types of replacement parts are not as good, safe, and reliable as genuine OEM parts. This is a completely wrong concept.

Some auto repair shops increasingly prefer “aftermarket” parts as higher quality parts, which in turn have gained popularity and are considered alternatives to manufacturer's parts, and in some cases it has been argued that they may even be an alternative. Better option. In many cases, manufacturers of basic or spare parts can use more expensive materials or more advanced technologies to manufacture them than official manufacturers.

Another advantage of the "aftermarket" for example is that they often have longer warranties (sometimes for life).

Are there different types of aftermarket spare parts?

When it comes to these types of parts, you will surely want to make sure they are certified. Vehicle parts certification associations have high standards and guidelines for manufacturing. Manufacturing tests, the quality of the materials and the integrity of the parts are carried out. To obtain certification, the tests that the parts pass must determine that they are "functionally equivalent" to the OEM parts. At Aeropik you will find certified accessories that have passed through all stages of quality tests.

What is the benefit of aftermarket spare parts?

According to the American Insurers Association (PCI), the same replacement parts save consumers $ 1.5 billion a year, and the average cost of an OEM part is approximately 60% more. save money on repair costs. They can also be more affordable than original manufacturer parts saving the owner time in repairing their car.

As distributors of brands such as AMK, at Aeropik we have the option of selling aftermarket parts without going through official manufacturers, sometimes at a much lower price than what you will find there. In other words, the part is "aftermarket", but it is from the original equipment manufacturer.

To summarize: aftermarket parts are less expensive to replace the OEM part and are of exactly the same quality - they just don't have the manufacturer's brand tag.

At Aeropik we are willing to help our clients in the search for high quality certified aftermarket parts and OEM parts at affordable prices. In our online store you will find a wide range of brands of imported spare parts. Our team of professionals with air suspension experience can answer your questions.