Air suspension - maintenance and service ( Part II)

Air suspension - maintenance and service ( Part II)

Features of the air suspension

Features of the air suspension

In practice, air suspension is an interconnected component that works in air and that replaces the so-called MacPherson strut suspension. In simpler words, these are shock absorbers with built-in air springs that are inflated by an air suspension compressor. Airbags  , as a component of the general air suspension, have the ability to withstand much higher load capacity than a spring, which makes them much more reliable.  They  are a rubber balloon, a sphere filled with compressed air, usually 6.5-7 bar. The rubber of the air springs is multi-layered and sufficiently elastic.

Pros that the air suspension brings: 

·  The air spring suspension allows you to adjust the height of the car depending on the road surface on which you are.

·  Air springs help make driving more comfortable, especially on uneven terrain. This is the main reason why more and more cars get their air suspension at the factory.

·  Thanks to the air suspension, modern cars are much quieter and run at much lower vibration levels. This contributes both to lower levels of fatigue and driver discomfort and to a more comfortable passenger journey.

·  Air suspension leads to lower levels of vibration of the body, which in turn leads to less load and wear on the tires.

Maintenance of the individual components of the air suspension

However, under the influence of many factors,  airsprings wear out over time. Depending on the region and the conditions of the road surfaces in which you drive most often, the rubber parts of  the air springs are most susceptible to aging, but also to premature wear due to the accumulation of dirt , sand and salt in winter conditions. Over time, such overlays create a rough and abrasive surface that gradually destroys the rubber material of the air springs. This  exacerbates the problem, especially during movement when  the air springs  are moving. Micro cracks open and close more often and air loss is much greater and it becomes impossible to compensate for the air compressor. You don't have to wait for them to burst to go to a service center. A neglected service, prolonged driving of a car that has an air leak from the air springs, is a prerequisite for greater damage to the air suspension. With a constant supply of air from the air suspension compressor and its excessive operation, it is only a matter of time before you have to have not only an air spring, but also a compressor and a relay . 

Air suspension maintenance 

Timely diagnosis is mandatory. Experts recommend that as soon as you find a difference in the level of the car, despite the settings you make, you visit an authorized service center as soon as possible. There the professionals will take care of your car. These repair shops have the necessary modern equipment and well-trained staff to deal with the problem. If an air suspension problem is found, it is NOT recommended to replace parts with second-hand, recycled or obscure ones. A repair with poor quality spare parts will come out quite salty. This can cause significantly more damage to the chassis of your car.  Contrary to popular belief, underthe handle and maintenance of the air suspension are not so expensive lately, as there are already many factory-new parts on the market - aftermarket parts , which are often much more affordable than the original, and not inferior in quality. In the AEROPIK online store we are there for our customers when they are looking for quality, certified and reliable aftermarket and  OEM parts  at affordable prices. Our online store offers a large selection of brands, types and prices of imported aftermarket parts from around the world, and our team of experienced professionals is here to answer your questions.