Replacement of parts in pairs

Replacement of parts in pairs

Why the replacement of parts in pairs in the air suspension sistem is of particular importance

One of the main components of the air suspension system, air springs and air shock absorbers contain rubber sleeves. Rubber is a natural product, prone to wear and aging, which is why the air spring is a component that wears out. The tire dries and small micro cracks form where the air springs is constantly rubbed up and down while driving. When diagnosing the vehicle, it is recommended to check the air springs for these small cracks and, if any, to replace them to avoid major damage over time.

Usually, even a high-quality air springs needs to be changed every six to ten years. External conditions, including climate, road conditions and constant abrasion of dirt and road debris, or salt and lye in winter, also affect the functioning and lifespan of air suspension components. In addition, lower temperatures make the tire stiffer and less flexible, while hotter conditions cause the tire to dry faster. Both high and low temperatures can provoke already worn rubber material to crack.

The quality of the production tire is crucial when it comes to determining the life of the air springs. In addition to the tire, there are other components, including crimp rings, O-rings and piston material, that are also important. Although some cheap secondary market air springs may look identical to the original part at first glance, the differences can be quite significant! Compromise, such as the use of poorer rubber, lower quality parts and / or consolidation in piston design can lead to lower pressure and fracture, difficult installation, reduced shock absorber comfort and more noise, vibration and stiffness of the suspension.
When the air spring / shock absorber finally wears out, a pair change is highly recommended. Even if the leak occurs only on one side of the car, it is still recommended to replace also the other side. The air spring / shock absorber on the opposite side was certainly exposed to the same road and weather conditions as the same mileage and years as the damaged side and was therefore subject to the same wear. Probably the other part, which at first glance does not seem damaged, will have the same problems in the near future and will require a re-visit to a garage. Sometimes the problem with the other side comes very soon, even a week or two after replacing the first problem part. Very often, after changing the part on one side only, during the subsequent filling of the system with air, the part on the other side literally explodes, because it is already the weakest link in the whole air system. Inevitably, it needs to be replaced, and the accompanying troubles are already there. Loss of time to deliver another part, lost service time due to a blocked car on the hoist, as well as the inability to use the car itself during this time. Disappointments and inconveniences are significant, especially if you have already planned a trip or appointment after a visit to the service.

Although changing in pairs is not mandatory for most parts, it is still highly recommended. Changing in pairs is also usually recommended for standard spring shock absorbers to avoid differences in efficiency and damping on the same axle. The depreciation as well as the reliability of the tires on both sides is also drastically different. This difference in the functionality of the shock absorbers between new and old also applies to the air suspension shock absorbers. If they do not change in pairs, driving, driving and stability of the vehicle deteriorate significantly, which can lead to unpredictable driving behavior, dangerous and risky situations.

At Aeropik strive to ensure safe driving with durable products and therefore choose and offer our customers parts made with the highest quality rubber (Continental ContiTech) or others for our air springs and shock absorbers. For 12 years of experience with air suspension, we have been able to establish contacts only with prooved manufacturers with high product quality. We are distributors of some of the world famous companies in the field of air suspension such as Arnott USA, BWI group, AMK Germany, Wabco Germany, Vemo Germany, Britpart UK. Some of them produce air suspension parts for original installation in the production of the car. For a very large part of the items we managed to reduce the complaints below 1%, and for comparison with original parts the tolerance is even 3%. and we have dozens of items with zero and literally no complaints on thousands of units sold.

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