Air suspension compressor

Air suspension compressor

What is air suspension compressor and how it works?

The Air Suspension Compressor is designed for air suspension and is a high-performance reciprocating compressor. It is one of the most important components of the air suspension system because it provides the pressure. It consists of a piston with a segment, working oil-free in a metal housing. There is an electric motor that drives the piston in the cylinder. The intake air is compressed by the movement of the piston. The Air Suspension Compressor also consists of a dehydrator that dries the air coming from the atmosphere, previously purified by a filter. In the dehydrator, the moisture released by the incoming air is stored briefly until it evaporates through the heat generated during the operation of the Air Suspension Compressor. It is switched on and off by a relay, which is controlled by the electronic control unit. A solenoid valve takes care of releasing overpressure, or pressure that is not needed at the moment. Some manufacturers, such as WABCO, produce an Air Suspension Compressor that works through a thermal sensor. When the case overheats and rises above 140 degrees, it stops the current. Other brands such as AMK perform this function over time. In general, with normal operation, the Air Suspension Compressor runs for a very short time, up to 40 seconds. The maximum pressure of the brand new Air Suspension Compressor varies between 17-21 bar. Most air suspension cars have an air tank that effectively controls the pressure in the system, thus reducing the activation time of the Air Suspension Compressor. 13-15 bar are required for normal operating pressure and normal operation of the air suspension. With such indicators, the time required by the Air Suspension Compressor to lift the car from one level to the next is about 13-15 seconds. On some brands such as AMK, the Air Suspension Compressor piston pumps in both directions, thus doing twice as fast a unit of time. This extends the life of the Air Suspension Compressor  itself.


The Air Suspension Compressor, most often there are two types:

WABCO – produces Air Suspension Compressor for most AUDI cars - A6, A8, Q7, some of the models BMW-X5F15, F07, F11, X5E53, E39 and Volkswagen Touareg for example, some of the models of MERCEDES - W220, W211, W212. Each of the Air Suspension Compressor listed above is an original WABCO, made in Germany and available in our online store.
AMK – produce an Air Suspension Compressor for most of the MERCEDES models - W164, W221, W222, W251, as well as for some BMW models - X5 / 6 E70 / 71, E61. Each of the Air Suspension Compressor listed above is an original AMK, made in Germany and available in our online store.
Both manufacturers are world-renowned German companies with a long history. Both types of Air Suspension Compressor are manufactured for original installation for the factories of MERCEDES, BMW, AUDI and others. We at are pleased to be distributors of AMK since 2013. This means that both brands of Air Suspension Compressor that we offer are original for the models and are the same, built into the production of the car. They are manufactured on exactly the same production line as the Air Suspension Compressor used in the production of the car. You, our customers, can take advantage of significantly lower prices, because the types of Air Suspension Compressor in question come directly from the manufacturer - to us, without going through MERCEDES, BMW or AUDI, where their prices usually swell 3-4 times just because they are labeled with their original numbers.


It is extremely important, before choosing where to buy an Air Suspension Compressor, to make sure that you are buying the right, original Air Suspension Compressor, the same one that was built into the production of your car. The market is flooded with substandard Chinese Air Suspension Compressor of both brands. You can very easily and definitively establish the origin of the Air Suspension Compressor. Poor quality Chinese replicas, unlike the original Air Suspension Compressor, do not have the embossed hot stamp with the brand on the metal of their body.

The minimum possible operating pressure for normal operation of the Air Suspension Compressor is about 9.6 bar, below which a separate pressure sensor located in the valve timing unit no longer operates and the air suspension system is unable to operate normally. When produced below this pressure, the function of the Air Suspension Compressor is impaired. On the dashboard of most MERCEDES models, MALFUNCTION is displayed, and on AUDI models, a yellow car lights up on the dashboard. In this situation, the compressor has already overheated and raised the temperature above 140 degrees, whereby in WABCO models the Air Suspension Compressor triggers a temperature sensor that stops the current supplied to the compressor.

At the same temperature, but theoretically, in AMK models of the Air Suspension Compressor, the current is stopped, but not by means of a temperature sensor, but on the basis of operating time without interruption, usually 80-90 seconds. In both cases, the fault in the Air Suspension Compressor problem is a neglected air leak problem and a delayed replacement of the pressure air springs. It is enough to drive even for a few days with a leaking air springs, which can lead to a failure of the Air Suspension Compressor. In conversations with our customers, we came to the conclusion that they do not know exactly how and for what reason the Air Suspension Compressor breaks. The car owner is almost always aware that there is a problem with air leakage from the air spring. However, he says that in the morning he finds the car lowered on one side, but when he starts it, it gets up and he drives all day without any problems. What he does not know and does not realize is that the leak does not stop, on the contrary, it intensifies due to the movement of the air spring and the much faster opening and closing of the microcracks. With such a massive leak, the Air Suspension Compressor has to run almost constantly. After overheating to 140 degrees, its current stops and the error on the panel is a fact. The next time the car is switched off and on, the situation restarts, until finally the Air Suspension Compressor is completely damaged. It is also good to keep in mind that separate spare parts and components for Air Suspension Compressor of both brands WABCO and AMK are not available or manufactured by the manufacturers. All parts such as segments, seals, pistons, etc. are of Chinese origin and their quality is similar to the quality of their Air Suspension Compressor.

The maintenance of the Air Suspension Compressor service includes a periodic inspection of the filter, through which the incoming air is cleaned. With an old, clogged filter or filter hose, the Air Suspension Compressor has nowhere to take in air to inject pressure. After some time, overheating and total damage follow. There may also be a problem with damaged filter hose integrity. Then water is likely to get directly inside the Air Suspension Compressor. Total damage follows. The same can happen when gluing, in the "closed" position of the relay that controls the Air Suspension Compressor. When replacing the Air Suspension Compressor, the relay and filter must be replaced. The cost is negligible, and the benefits of avoiding the problems described above are guaranteed. In the e-shop of www.aeropik. you will find everything you need to maintain the air suspension system of your car.